The Home Outpost

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Business Name The Home Outpost
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About us

The Home Outpost started with the decision to embrace a more environmentally conscious way of living… to be a guiding light, inspire, reimagine, recycle and to breathe life into each home we touch, and ultimately, to contribute to a more sustainable and harmonious world through design.

Having the opportunity to grow up in the Vail Valley has given me a soulful connection between the past and the present, inspiring us to create and recreate spaces that channel the whispers of generations long gone but not forgotten. Our goal is to create simple and carefree solutions that blend new trends with our rescued collection, allowing us to create timeless spaces that celebrate the magic of the mountain lifestyle.

We believe that the mountain lifestyle includes making choices that prioritize comfort and well being. Creating spaces that reflect the soothing qualities of nature, a place to gather with family and friends in a cozy, warm environment. We focus on comfort, practicality, extremely attentive to detail and on top of the latest trends when it comes to design, staging, and styling your spaces, home, or simply creating a magical setting. Welcome to the era of vintage meets modern, where beauty knows no bounds and the allure of the past captivates our present. The Home Outpost invites you to shop a tour new 12,000 sf furniture showroom located in Gypsum, Colorado.