About the Gypsum Chamber of Commerce

Past, Present and Future

During the Town of Gypsum’s growth spurt of the mid-2000’s, Gypsum business owners increasingly desired to promote businesses and services, provide networking opportunities and to encourage community involvement based within the town. Their passion for the Gypsum Valley and desire to grow their businesses sprouted a grass-roots effort to develop their very own Chamber of Commerce. In 2009, this effort resulted in the formation of the Gypsum Chamber of Commerce, with an initial 58 founding Members.

After surpassing the Chamber’s 10th year anniversary in 2019 and with a population growth rate of 80% and a median income rate of 58% since 2000, the Town of Gypsum is now one of the fastest growing municipalities in Colorado and even in the United States. Admiration for the Gypsum Valley’s rich historical heritage, recreational amenities, responsible economic vision and cultural diversity is reflected in the Town of Gypsum as the rising and versatile community flourishes.

With over 2,500 businesses operating in the Town of Gypsum, 4,500 locals and a future job growth rate of 48.5%, the Gypsum Chamber of Commerce continues to evolve and support the business community with advancing resources. Serving locally with a global reach, the Gypsum community represents the local and regional world-class recreational playground embedded within the valley. Vast in geographical size and wide-ranging in industry, Gypsum is home to commerce such as aviation, transportation, manufacturing, retail, industrial, commercial and residential real estate, construction, development, recreational facilities, above average education, superior health care systems and more.

It is an exciting time to be a part of the Gypsum Chamber of Commerce Membership as the Chamber is well-positioned to continue and grow its support and promotion of the local business community.


Our Mission

Promote - Provide - Connect :  Our Mission is to Promote businesses and services in Gypsum and the surrounding areas, Provide networking and promotional opportunities to our members, and Connect community and business members together.  


Vision Statement

Our vision is to strengthen community in Gypsum, Colorado. 


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Explore the community business members that make up the Gypsum Chamber of Commerce!


Explore the community business members that make up the Gypsum Chamber of Commerce!


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The Heart of Gypsum Business

The Gypsum Chamber is focused on putting a big spotlight on Gypsum, but it is also about getting businesses familiar with each other’s goods and services so that everyone is able to help promote one another.

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