SpeakUp ReachOut

Business Name SpeakUp ReachOut
Contact PersonLeslie Robertson
About us

SpeakUp ReachOut reduces instances of suicide in Eagle County and helps those affected by it address their pain. Through educational programs, events, peer groups, and partnerships, we bring community members together to learn and share their unique experiences. Discussing suicide has the power to heal. We’ve experienced it firsthand.

Since 2009, SpeakUp ReachOut has impacted over 15,000 individuals in Eagle County through our events, trainings, and outreach. In addition to that, we teach 3,000 fifth through twelfth graders annually in our local schools to identify the warning signs of suicide and get a trusted adult involved.

Educating you to save lives through innovative strategies is one of our top priorities. So is introducing people to the support they need because we believe in the power of connection.

Suicide prevention is everyone's business. We hope you will join us in this vitally important work.