Event date: 4/7/2021 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM Export event
Gypsum Chamber Ambassador Meets Sponsored by The Slaughter Group

Gypsum Chamber Ambassador Meets Sponsored by The Slaughter Group

Open to Gypsum Chamber Members and Guests

The following is a recap of the items discussed between the Gypsum Chamber Ambassadors:

Thank you to The Slaughter Group for sponsoring our Ambassador Meeting! Be sure and recommend anyone seeking to buy or sell real estate to Laurie Slaughter. Laurie offers a customized approach for each client and her solutions are never a one size fits all. Call Laurie at (970) 471-0108.

Below is a recap of the items discussed between the Gypsum Chamber Ambassadors:

  1. Introductions
    1. In Attendance
      1. Members
        1. Jennifer Collins of Vail Honeywagon
        2. Laurie Slaughter of The Slaughter Group
        3. Krista DeHerrera of Valley Events, Inc. and the Gypsum Chamber
        4. Luis Juarez of Rocky Mountain Radio Group's 102.1 El Puente
        5. Pauline Araujo Agoitia of Rocky Mountain Radio Group's 102.1 El Puente
        6. Brandi Schoenthaler of Cornerstone Dog Training, Inc.
        7. Vanessa Holland of Werk's Auto and Diesel Repair, Inc.
        8. Michelle Morgan of the Gypsum Chamber
      2. Guests
        1. Bianca
  2. Laurie Slaughter and The Slaughter Group update
    1. Existing Member Laurie Slaughter with Berkshire Hathaway Colorado Properties returns as a Member independently, representing The Slaughter Group as well as Berkshire Hathaway Colorado Properties and will be engaging freely throughout the Gypsum Chamber events in 2021.
  3. SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT – Krista DeHerrera replaces Michelle Morgan’s position at the Gypsum Chamber!
    1. Owning an events business for the past 15 years, producing Strawberry Daze and many other popular events in Garfield County independently as well as in her role at the Glenwood Chamber as VP of Events and Marketing, Krista brings to the Gypsum Chamber superior skills and resources. Krista’s employment begins this next week and is ready to partner with the Gypsum Chamber Ambassadors to meet GCC goals. Everyone is beyond excited about the value Krista brings to the Gypsum Chamber!
  4. March 2nd Sunrise Series event update
    1. Mini Mayor thank you gift – Patty Hood of Hood Insurance Agency donates $178 for day passes at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park for Sunlight Mountain Resort’s Mini Mayor’s family as a thank you. We extend our appreciate to Patty for her service to our communities.
  5. Latino community outreach
    1. Krista states she will work to provide Gypsum Chamber Ambassadors with the tools they need to serve the purpose of their role as a Gypsum Chamber Ambassador
      1. The Gypsum Chamber will be working to have a Spanish language option at GypsumChamber.org and for Gypsum Chambers brochure.
    2. Pauline Araujo Agoitia, RMRG 102.1 El Puente Station Manager
      1. Seeking to bridge the gap between local cultures
      2. At the very least, towns and organizations should provide Spanish language translation duplicates of any notifications
        1. At least 50% of the population in Gypsum is Spanish
        2. At least 50% of the population in Avon is Spanish.
    3. Bianca presents her ideas surrounding supporting the mental health of youth
  6. Upcoming Events – April 27 Mixer at Gypsum Creek Golf Course - Get ready for some fun activities being planned by the co-hosts!
  7. Action items
    1. Krista will be scheduling the May Ambassador meeting with the Ambassadors and the event will be posted at GypsumChamber.org. Reach out to Krista at info@GyspumChamber.org if you would like to attend the meeting. Or, just show up!